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Fashionably IP


The FashionablyIP podcast is a look at important and hot topics in the world of fashion and intellectual property. In the podcast, we review the latest intellectual property issues in fashion or discuss matters of IP which have impacted the world of fashion for years and have come up again and again. The podcast will consist of interviews, opinion pieces and case law discussions.The information in this podcast is not legal advice. If you have any questions concerning the issues raised please contact Rebecca Field at or Lee Curtis at

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Rebecca Field and Lee Curtis discuss the intellectual property rights that apply to jewellery, some recent cases on the protection of jewellery under trademark law, and also why all things that glitter as jewellery may not always be protectable under intellectual property law.Timestamps:2:44 – Why jewellery is not a form of fashion which is apt for trade mark protection7:49 – what types of IP protection are probably better suited to the protection in the UK and EU?11:32 – Seminar on Fashion I...

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