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Top 10 Songs

03 October 2022
Material Girl cover
1. Material Girl
David Guetta & Madonna
The Wonder of You cover
2. The Wonder of You
Elvis Presley
The Wonder of You cover
3. The Wonder of You
Elvis Presley
Eat Drink Fete Repeat cover
4. Eat Drink Fete Repeat
Miss Cali
Hush (feat. Kool Rock-ski) cover
5. Hush (feat. Kool Rock-ski)
Kokane, Sir Dogg, Snoopy Collins & Tha Eastsidaz
Short Intro cover
6. Short Intro
The Fat Man and Team Fat
Theme From Shaft cover
7. Theme From Shaft
Isaac Hayes
Short Intro cover
8. Short Intro
DJ Sunny
Whos That Girl cover
9. Whos That Girl
Sound of da Police cover
10. Sound of da Police
Chatak Matak cover
11. Chatak Matak
Sandeep Khola
Jnr Choi
Lyrikal Beings cover
13. Lyrikal Beings
Lyrikal Dysipalz
Marc cover
14. Marc
Fay-Ann Lyons
Cherish cover
15. Cherish
David Guetta & Madonna
Blackpink - Pink Venom cover
16. Blackpink - Pink Venom
Ron Rocker
Beast cover
17. Beast
Mr Killa
Cherish cover
18. Cherish
David Guetta & Madonna
Cherish cover
19. Cherish
Kool & The Gang
Sound of Da Police (Mixed) cover
20. Sound of Da Police (Mixed)
Fete Wid Meh Dahlin' cover
21. Fete Wid Meh Dahlin'
Farmer Nappy
Big Energy (feat. DJ Khaled) [Remix] cover
22. Big Energy (feat. DJ Khaled) [Remix]
Gunslinger cover
23. Gunslinger
Avenged Sevenfold
Infinity cover
24. Infinity
Jaymes Young
Soca Feeling (Push Back) cover
25. Soca Feeling (Push Back)
Christo & Cobus
Burna Boy (Last Last) cover
26. Burna Boy (Last Last)
Like a Virgin cover
27. Like a Virgin
David Guetta & Madonna
Potion cover
28. Potion
Calvin Harris
Warming up ( Top Soil Riddim) cover
29. Warming up ( Top Soil Riddim)
Adam O.
Rum Rum Rum cover
30. Rum Rum Rum
Islands In the Stream cover
31. Islands In the Stream
Edson & Hudson & Kenny Rogers
Omalay Chinese Laundry Reloaded cover
32. Omalay Chinese Laundry Reloaded
Chinese Laundry
Drunk and Disorderly cover
33. Drunk and Disorderly
The Mighty Sparrow
Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo cover
34. Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo
The Future Belongs to Me cover
35. The Future Belongs to Me
Fire cover
36. Fire
Sita Di Lyrical Diva
Sex Education cover
37. Sex Education
The Mighty Sparrow
Good to We cover
38. Good to We
Kris Kennedy
Low Key cover
39. Low Key
Suratiya cover
40. Suratiya
Rasika Dindial