A Bit of Optimism

A Bit of Optimism

Simon Sinek

During these times, we are all having to find new ways to connect.  Join me every week as I talk with people that inspire me, about love, life, leadership, and silver linings. The hope is that we all leave with something I think we need these days… A Bit of Optimism.

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Turns out laughter is not the best medicine. Medicine might not even be the best medicine. If you were to ask Dr Mark Hyman, he would tell you that food is the best medicine. Some would say Mark is a modern age miracle worker. In reality, he has figured out ways to help the body perform its own miracles. From curing diseases to extending our lifespans, his approach to wellness is unlike what most of us are used to. His work is inspirational, anthropological and downright fascinating. This is… A Bit of Optimism.

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