Gospel Song Roundup Radio

Gospel Song Roundup Radio

Hosea Humphrey

"GOSPEL SONG ROUNDUP RADIO" is the internet version of a 15 minute weekly Sunday morning radio program featuring vocal and guitar. The inspirational music is presented in a simple, smooth, sing-along style and a western flavor. DIAL-UP USERS have access to a special version more compatible with slower connection speeds beginning with Episode 13.

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GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY DOUBLE LENGTH EDITION 1 **Historical Highlights and Each Step of the Way (opening theme) 2 **Anniversary Introduction 3 Closer Walk Medley 4 **Pastor's Reflection 5 Tenderly He Watches Medley 6 **How it Started 7 Amazing Grace Medley 8 **Certificate of Tribute 9 Sunday Morning Medley 10 **Congratulatory Greetings 11 Tell the Story Medley 12 **Congratulatory Greetings 13 Singing Up in Heaven Medley 14 **Pastor's Reflection 15 Worth It All Medley 16 **Hosea's Reflection 17 Too Much to Gain Medley 18 May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You (closing theme) **Read the "Golden Anniversary Story" of one man and a guitar. In the right column, scroll down to the "Favorite Links" heading and click on "THE GSR STORY" or go to http://gsr50th.blogspot.com/ **Visit our "Golden Anniversary Photo Album" for a 50 year time-travel of western gospel singing by clicking on the "THE GSR PHOTO ALBUM" also under the "Favorite Links" heading or click here: http://www.podOmatic.com/people/panorama/hoseahumphrey?mdl=photo

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