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On today's episode, Jason brings you wall-to-wall coverage of the blockbuster trade that saw the Brooklyn Nets send mercurial point guard Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks. There are 3 prongs to this story: the Mavs side, the Nets side and the Los Angeles Lakers side. For Dallas, putting Kyrie alongside Luka Doncic is bound to cause fireworks... we just don't know what kind. On the court, the pair should be dynamite offensively and entirely capable of making a run to the NBA Finals. Off the court, however, it's more likely than not that Kyrie will do or say something that causes this whole thing to blow up in their faces. Irving has been a headache for years and has self-sabotaged his way out of three different franchises already. For Brooklyn, all eyes now shift towards Kevin Durant. We can assume that KD was consulted by the Nets front office before they ultimately decided to pull the trigger. However, once Durant realizes that this team is several notches below the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers, are we sure he won't demand a trade of his own again? This is definitely something to monitor as the trade deadline approaches later this week. For the Lakers, even though they failed to land the third star that LeBron James so desperately wanted, at least they dodged the bullet that is Kyrie. If Los Angeles is going to mortgage their future on another superstar then it should be on someone who is more reliable than Irving (hello, Zach LaVine!). 

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